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Debbie MacKinnon's paintings hover bewteen landscape and abstraction.  She investigates the juxtaposition between land and water; between trees and sky.  Nothing remains static - the changing light throughout the day, the erosion of rock by weather and the relentless ebb and flow of the tides.  These primal elements shape her personal vison.  This fascination with the impermanence of landscape is reflected in the multi-layered nature of her paintings. Debbie is committed to at least one daily drawing - usually left handed, although she is a right hander.  This keeps her work lively and fresh - and often moving in unexpected ways.

Debbie grew up drawing and painting.  She trained as an illustrator in London before a long successful career as a graphic designer in publishing. She has written and designed many award winning children's books.  Since moving to Sydney in 1994, Debbie has developed her own unique style of painting and continues to find inspiration in the wonderful local environment.  She often draws at Putty Beach or in the Bouddi National Park.

Debbie lectures in illustration at Billy Blue College of Design and at Enmore Tafe.  She exhibits regulary - her work is in private collections in Australia, France, Switzerland and the UK.